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Bob's going to spend a lot of time on your instrument, whether you bring it in for a set-up

or a fret job. His charges are based on the amount of time it takes to get it right - he doesn't

settle for good enough and neither should you.

His bench rate is $95/hour and the minimum instrument handling charge (not including a

restring) is $50. Rush work available at an extra charge. Basic charges are below but

additional charges may apply, depending on the work to be done, based on the hourly rate.


(+$42.50 to fill nut)

$85  Electric and Acoustic

$95  12-String or Tremolo

$135  Locking Tremolo/Floyd Rose

$170  Rickenbacker 12-String

Restring (with neck adjustment)

$50  Regular

$50  Classical (no neck adjustment)

$55  12-String

$70  Floyd Rose (same string gauge)

$100  Rickenbacker 12-String

New Nut (With neck adjustment but no set-up):

Strat $135     

Martin/Les Paul/Gibson $175

Grind & Polish Frets                           $315 w/set up (add $25 for Floyd Rose)

Full Fret Job (unbound neck)            $635

Full Fret Job (bound neck)                 $675

Fret Job and Finish

(refinish maple fingerboard)              $750

Dot replacement, inlay repair, binding repair, etc., are extra and priced

at the bench rate

Bridge resets and broken headstocks start at $450; finish touch-ups are extra

Custom wiring, troubleshooting, and electronic work charged at $95/hour


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